Outwest Furniture Bozeman MT
"The Little Warehouse with Huge Savings"

About Outwest Furniture

Julie Troxler took the reins of Outwest Furniture in 2003 when it was solely a mattress outlet. She has since single-handedly turned it into the furniture Mecca it is today, all while raising three grandchildren with her oldest daughter. She opened the store with one philosophy: provide quality furniture at a discounted price in a friendly, honest, and no pressure atmosphere. The success of the store today stands as a testament to that principle.

How Outwest Furniture Works

We are a small, family owned store located at 8269 Huffine Lane in Bozeman, Montana. Our showroom is stocked with all kinds of new furniture, antiques, custom made furniture, and mattresses, all available for sale. Since we are a small business, we simply don't have the room to stock everything we sell. We do, however, have many catalogs, and anything and everything in them are available to us. The process works like this: a customer comes in and finds a bedroom set they want. If we don't have it in stock, we order it from them. The customer puts half down on the purchase, and we call them once it gets off the truck and voila! They have exactly what they ordered, and at a fraction of the cost of the alternative. Furniture, it turns out, has one of the highest mark-up of consumer goods in the country. Most retailers add 100-300% of their cost to the final price. We at Outwest Furniture think this is hogwash and we are less than half of industry standards! And the huge savings on product have always outweighed the small inconvenience of customer pick-ups. Stop by and see our win-win philosophy in action! As always, we look forward to meeting you!

About Outwestern Furniture